House of Marionne

I love fantasy and historical romance, and this book has both!

Raegan’s book review of House of Marionne by J. Elle

This fantasy tale follows the story of 17 year-old Quell, who has lived her entire life on the run. Hiding from an assassin, she joins the magical elite, the Order, to protect her family and stash her deadly powers. The characters were amazing, the setting was beautiful, and the story is attention-catching from the minute you open the book. The dark academia themes were everything.

 “If this world is made of glass, I will dance with a hammer in my hand.”

House of Marionne

Discussion Questions

☆ The protagonist, Quell, undergoes significant character development over the course of the story. What do you think were the key moments that shaped her growth? How did you relate to her journey?

☆ The ending of “House of Marionne” leaves the reader with enough questions to warrant a sequel. What are your predictions for what will happen in the next installment, and what do you hope will happen?

☆ Fate and destiny are central themes in “House of Marionne.” How do you feel about the concept of having a predetermined path versus having complete power to make changes in our own lives?

☆ Quell’s relationship with her mother remains a central component throughout the story. How did that relationship impact Quell’s decision-making and her character development?

☆ The author sets the stage for the story by painting a vibrant picture of a moody fantasy world. What do you think were the best parts of J. Elle’s world-building?

☆ The book featured several shocking plot twists along the way. How did you feel about those plot twists, and which ones surprised you the most?

☆ “House of Marionne” is a true fantasy tale featuring plenty of magic. Discuss how the author used supernatural elements to convey deeper themes that are reflected in our real-life society.

☆ Mentorship is another essential theme in “House of Marionne.” Is there someone in your own life who has made an impact on you as a mentor?

☆ J. Elle dives deep into numerous characters throughout the book. Which one was your favorite and why?

☆ If you could change one plot-altering decision that Quell’s character made, what would it be and why?


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