Once Upon A Broken Heart

This story is a unique spin on happily ever after

Raegan’s book review of Once Upon A Broken Heart

My fellow readers who love fantasy romance with a hint of paranormal creepiness, this book is for you! 

Heartbroken teen, Evangeline Fox, is taken on the journey of a lifetime when she strikes up a deal with the Prince of Hearts after she discovers the love of her life is to be married to her stepsister. She learns that making deals with the Prince of Hearts is more dangerous than she had thought. Will she live to see a “happily ever after” ending? 

I absolutely loved the way that this book explored a different type of magic than in the main Caraval universe. I also loved how the focus shifts to different characters. If you’re looking for a rollercoaster of a love story, add this to your reading list! 

“I believe there are far more possibilities than happily ever after or tragedy. Every story has the potential for infinite endings.”

Once Upon A Broken Heart

Discussion Questions

☆ How does the unique spin on happily ever after in “Once Upon A Broken Heart” differ from traditional fairy tales?

☆ In what ways does the paranormal element add depth to the fantasy-romance genre in this book?

☆ How does Evangeline Fox’s journey compare to other protagonists in fantasy-romance novels?

☆ Explore the theme of heartbreak and its role in shaping Evangeline’s character throughout the story.

☆ What role does the setting play in creating the atmosphere of the book, especially considering its paranormal elements?

☆ Compare and contrast the magic system in “Once Upon A Broken Heart” with that of the main Caraval universe.

☆ Discuss the symbolism behind Evangeline’s discovery of her love’s impending marriage to her stepsister.

☆ How does the theme of love and its complexities evolve throughout the narrative?

☆ Discuss the role of secondary characters in shaping the protagonist’s journey and the overall plot.

☆ How does Evangeline’s character evolve from the beginning to the end of the story?