The Unmaking of June Farrow

This story is equally complex and mysterious as it is a sweet, heartfelt love story!

Raegan’s book review of The Unmaking of June Farrow

Mysterious family curses and time travel blended with a heartfelt love story make this book a must-read for fantasy lovers. 

This time-bending journey tells the story of June Farrow, a small-town girl who is experiencing mysterious visions a decade after her Mother’s disappearance. After her Grandmother’s passing, June finds cryptic clues about her family curse. She is willing to reveal the family curse even if it means sacrificing finding love. 

This book really takes you on an out-of-the-box journey (in a good way)! It was so fun to dive into the unique time travel story and discover the heartfelt love story woven within as I read along. This book should definitely be added to your reading list!

“It doesn’t have to be we,” I whispered. He waited for me to look at him, and when I spoke, he didn’t hesitate on the words, “It’s always been we.”- The Unmaking of June Farrow

Discussion Questions

☆ How do rumors and stories about Susanna Farrow’s disappearance affect June’s life and reputation in the town?

☆ What is the significance of the strange occurrences, like wind chimes and a mysterious door, that June experiences?

☆ What motivates June to end the curse?

☆ How does the death of June’s grandmother change the course of the story?

☆ How does the concept of love play into the story?

☆ What do you think the title “The Unmaking of June Farrow” implies about the plot or character development?

☆ How does the concept of fate play a role in the story, and do you believe in fate as a driving force in real life?

☆ How do you think the small-town setting might influence the relationships between the characters?

☆ How does the concept of legacy tie into the themes of the book?

☆ Did the book ultimately provide a satisfying explanation for the mysterious curse that has plagued the Farrow family, or did it leave you with lingering questions?


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