Vampires of El Norte

This book is the perfect blend of historical fiction, horror, and romance!

Raegan’s book review of Vampires of El Norte

This must-read novel tells the story of Nena, a healer who was presumably attacked and killed by a vampire 9 years ago. Nena is filled with resentment upon reuniting with her past love, Nestor because she insists Nestor abandoned her years ago. This issue suddenly becomes overshadowed due to the emergence of a new terrifying, life-threatening situation. Nena and Nestor must work together if they want to make it out alive. The spooky yet romantic vibes are perfect for October.

“They claimed the land all the way from the Nueces to Río Bravo. Will they stop there? They’ll take, and take, and then what?” His voice was raw with emotion. “What will become of us? Who will we be without the land we grew up on? Without our home?”

Vampires of El Norte

Discussion Questions

☆ Nena and Nestor have a unique dynamic. How do their past and present interactions shape their relationship?

☆ Explore the theme of survival in the novel. How do Nena and Nestor’s survival instincts shape their decisions and actions?

☆ What do you think the novel is trying to convey about the nature of fear and danger, both external and internal?

☆ How does the novel explore the idea of forgiveness and reconciliation, particularly between Nena and Nestor?

☆ What is the impact of the novel’s genre-blending (spooky and romantic) on the overall narrative?

☆ How does the introduction of a vampire into the story affect the overall atmosphere and plot development?

☆ How does the author use the setting and atmosphere to create a sense of dread and anticipation in the story?

☆ What are your thoughts on the stylization of the vampires? 

☆ What do you think the novel might be saying about the enduring power of love and forgiveness, given the challenges the characters face?

☆ If you could change one plot-altering decision that a character made, what would it be and why?

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