Meet Raegan

Hi, I’m Raegan! I’ve been passionate about reading for as long as I can remember, and I love sharing that excitement with others, especially my peers!

I started this online book club as a space where young adults like me can come together and celebrate everything we love about books, like our latest favorite reads, author interviews and more. It’s grown into a true community of thought-provoking recommendations and conversations, for the genuine joy of getting lost in a great story.

From my social channels to my monthly newsletter to this site where I share journal entries of my own, there are so many ways to join in and discover, or rediscover, your love of reading.

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What is Read with Raegan?

Read with Raegan is a vibrant online book club created by Raegan Revord, a passionate 15-year-old book lover. It’s a community dedicated to exploring young adult literature, sharing book recommendations, engaging in discussions and celebrating the joy of reading.

How can I be part of Read with Raegan?

Joining Read with Raegan is easy! Just follow our social media accounts and participate in our book club discussions and activities online. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our latest book recommendations, discussions, and giveaways.

Is Read with Raegan only for young adults?

While Read with Raegan mostly focuses on young adult literature, readers of all ages are welcome to join! Raegan started this journey from her love of reading, hoping to inspire others to love it, too. We believe that great stories have no age limit, and we encourage anyone who enjoys YA books to be a part of our community.

How often does Read with Raegan recommend books?

We strive to inspire our members with regular book recommendations, typically sharing a new book recommendation every month. We also offer bonus recommendations and themed reading lists throughout the year.

Can I suggest a book for Read with Raegan to recommend?

Absolutely! We love hearing book suggestions from our community. If you have a YA book that you think would be a great fit for Read with Raegan, feel free to reach out to us through our website or social media platforms.

Can I submit my own book review to be featured on Read with Raegan?

Yes! We value diverse perspectives and love hearing from our community. If you would like to submit a book review, you can send it to us through our website or tag us on social media, and keep an eye out for a possible feature!