Thieves’ Gambit

This story is a rollercoaster of thrill and intelligence.

Raegan’s book review of Thieves’ Gambit

Seventeen-year-old Ross Quest comes from a family of masterful thieves. After her Mother’s life is compromised, Ross enters the Thieve’s Gambit, a high-stakes heist competition where the grand prize is one wish. Ross joins the game in an attempt to save her Mother’s life. She discovers that one of her competitors is her childhood nemesis who may also be after her heart, making the Gambit much more difficult than imagined. 

This book really gets your blood pumping! The plot constantly keeps you guessing and the challenges are so surprising and unpredictable in how they unfold. The thrill of the Thieves’ Gambit will keep you on your toes and the possibility of an enemies-to-lovers romance will have you dying for more. It’s very much like Six of Crows meets The Inheritance Games and you don’t want to miss out on this story!

His kiss was a riptide threatening to pull me out to sea.

Thieves’ Gambit

Discussion Questions: 

☆ What motivates Ross to run away from her family of thieves, and how does this decision set the stage for the plot?

☆ How does the element of a life hanging in the balance create tension and urgency in the story?

☆ Discuss the potential moral dilemmas Ross faces as she enters a series of dangerous, international heists.

☆ Consider the dynamics between Ross and her childhood nemesis. How does their history contribute to the complexity of the plot?

☆ Discuss the theme of trust as it relates to the family creed – “trust no one whose last name isn’t Quest.” How does this impact Ross’s relationships and decision-making?

☆ Explore the moral ambiguity surrounding the idea that killing the competition isn’t off-limits in the Thieves’ Gambit. How does this shape the characters’ actions and choices?

☆ Analyze the symbolism of the wish as a prize. How does it reflect the characters’ desires and motivations?

☆ Explore the theme of family loyalty and how it plays out in Ross’s journey.

☆ Consider the challenges Ross faces in deciding who to con and who to trust. How does this internal conflict contribute to the character development?

☆ Discuss the potential moral growth or transformation of Ross throughout the story.