Where Are You, Echo Blue?

Dive into this suspenseful tale of mystery, fame, and the dark side of Hollywood!

Raegan’s Book Review of Where Are You, Echo Blue?

When nineties child star Echo Blue mysteriously disappears just before her major TV comeback on the eve of the millennium, rumors fly. Many suspect a wild New Year’s Eve gone wrong, but Goldie Klein, an eager young journalist, and Echo’s biggest fan, is convinced there’s more beneath the surface. Why would Echo vanish at such a crucial moment? 

Tired of covering mundane local stories, Goldie jumps at the chance to uncover the truth. She heads to L.A., delving into Echo’s tumultuous life of family drama, broken friendships, rehab, and rocky romances. As she digs deeper, Goldie begins to question her own part in Echo’s tragic story. 

I’m so excited for us to dive into another Hayley Krischer story! The plotlines are incredibly vivid, exploring the complexities of women in Hollywood beyond just stardom and fame. The story delves into the dark, intricate layers of Echo’s life while showcasing Goldie’s unyielding determination. I initially expected a dark thriller centered around a missing actress but found it to be so much more. The setting is so immersive, that you’ll feel like you’re right there in L.A. with Goldie, uncovering the mysteries surrounding Echo Blue’s disappearance. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this read!

“Because the spring brought tourists. It brought new faces, people who would inevitably recognize me. They’d make their way here, and the gig would be up. I felt like my time was slowly coming to an end. You had devoted so much time to hunting me. But could you be the one to set me free?”

Where Are You, Echo Blue?

Discussion Questions

✩ How does the setting of Hollywood contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere of the story?

✩ Discuss the dynamic between Goldie and Echo. How do their perspectives on fame and the entertainment industry differ?

✩ The story includes elements of mystery and suspense. How do these themes intersect, and what do they reveal about the characters?

✩ How does the book challenge traditional tropes in the mystery genre?

✩ What role does the media play in the narrative, and how do the characters’ perceptions of it change over time?

    ✩ How do the events in the book shape the characters’ perception of themselves and their relationships with one another?

    ✩ The book is described as a “riveting mystery.” Which scenes or moments stood out to you as particularly enthralling?

    ✩ How does the book explore the idea of moral ambiguity, especially regarding the characters’ choices?

    ✩ How does the relationship between Goldie and Echo reflect or challenge societal expectations of friendship and loyalty?

    ✩ What aspects of the story surprised you the most, and why? How did they challenge your expectations of the plot or the characters?

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